The Ocean

I was lucky enough to grow up in Orange County, CA and have parents that loved the beach. My first memory of the ocean is packing into my mom’s Chrysler minivan with the neighborhood kids and spending most of the summer building sandcastles and running from the waves. As I grew up I would surf, snorkel and bodyboard as often as I could and fell in love with beach culture. I was taught by my parents to respect the ocean and always leave the beach cleaner than when we arrived. The idea of pollution and the effects that humans could have on nature never really crossed my mind until my first real surf trip. Summer going into high school a group of us travelled to San Diego with a friends older brother to camp, surf and have fun. When we arrived the beach was littered with trash and closed due to sewage run off. The dream of a surf trip ruined because of pollution. Until then I didn’t think about the ocean as a dumping ground and that’s when my passion to protect the ocean began.